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during 2011
, jg Communication was active within the
business area of Editorial Communication in Sweden. The
business area’s net revenue was at the level of the previous year,
eur 15.5 million (eur 15.6 million). The strengthening of
the Swedish krona boosted net revenue in euros. The business
area’s operating profit was eur 0.5 million (loss: eur 0.1 mil-
lion). The result of the comparison year included the costs of
the adjustment measures. Excluding one-time expenses, the
result remained at the level of the previous year.
Relevant conversations
jg Communication’s business idea is to create relevant con-
versations using words, sounds and images by working with
brands on the basis of content strategies. jg Communication
creates content that is worth sharing.
The company has been active since 1989 and is today one
of the largest communication agencies in Sweden, with about
130 communication consultants. The people who work at jg
Communication are experts in communication: everything
from strategists via creators to specialists in different areas.
jg Communication works in all channels and can be divided
into owned media, meaning the client’s channels, and earned
media, meaning that clients appear in the channels of others.
jg Communication works with companies within differ-
ent industries. Its clients are primarily B2B companies, but
also B2C companies. jg Communication is strong within
telecommunication, and during the course of 2011 it also
acquired a number of clients within the pharmaceutical, finan-
cial and public sectors. Its projects include everything from
strategic communication plans, communication processes and
leadership coaching to the production of white papers, maga-
zines, films and websites.
Opening people’s minds
JG Communication’s vision is to open people’s minds, and
the company’s goal is to create communication that helps cli-
ents to achieve their business goals. During the course of 2011,
the company ontinued to work in an increasingly channel-
independent way, to reposition itself and to clarify its offering
to the market. jg Communication wishes to climb the value
chain of both existing and new clients, and has taken several
steps towards being seen as a long-term strategic channel-inde-
pendent communication partner rather than as a production
agency. The company is currently growing within the areas of
strategic communication, digital media and video. The previ-
ous downward trend within the magazine sector showed signs
of a turnaround towards the end of the year.
Media investment in Sweden during 2011 increased 4.2 per-
cent compared to 2010. Search-word marketing and mobile
marketing experienced the main increase.*
jg Communication's year began somewhat slowly.
Following the summer, the trend began to point upwards and
bu s i n e s s
e d i to r i a l c o m m u n i c at i o n
Content worth sharing
Communication’s business idea is to create relevant conversations
using words, sounds and images by working with brands
on the basis of content strategies.
edita’s year 2011