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the cr program
was developed in 2010. An important
input to the process was our stakeholder dialog for mapping
their expectations. We learned more about employees’ expecta-
tions through our staff survey and about the Group company
management’s through interviews. In addition, we surveyed
the pioneers of cr reporting in the communication sector and
selected the media group Guardian and the publishing com-
pany Pearson, as our model companies.
We selected Edita’s cr aspects as part of the cr program devel-
opment project in 2010. At the same time we defined which of
them are most relevant for us, with the aim of leading the way:
we aim to be pioneers in developing communications, raising
awareness of sustainability, enhancing environmental respon-
sibility, attracting and retaining employees, developing good
leadership and promoting diversity.
In late 2011, we re-evaluated the cr aspects that had
been selected one year previously. The outcome was that
the aspects are still valid for us – no aspects were added or
removed. In addition to aspects related to leading the way,
particularly important aspects include those related to being
active in relation to our stakeholders: we want to be a reli-
able partner, develop openness and transparency, focus on
knowledge sharing, provide our staff with career and com-
petence development opportunities and promote work-life
balance. The significance of cr aspects for our stakeholders
and their impact on Edita are described in the table on page
39. The cr aspects have been selected and their significance
and impact have been evaluated by the Group’s cr team (cri
core team), the ceo and the top-level management of group
In connection with developing the cr program in 2010, we
identified the following key stakeholders for Edita: employ-
ees, customers, the owner (that is: the Finnish state), partners,
competitors, unions, the end users of our services and prod-
ucts, non-governmental organizations and society as a whole.
A dialog with our stakeholders is an essential part of Edita’s
corporate responsibility and business operations. In order
to succeed and develop as a company, as professionals, as an
employer and as a partner, we need to listen to our stakehold-
ers attentively.
program is based on the triple bottom line: people, profit and planet.
These elements correspond to the areas of social, financial and environmental
responsibility. Supported by the Group values of renewal, respect and
responsibility, the
program is firmly integrated into the business strategy.
co r po r at e r e s pon s i b i l i t y
p ro g r a m
Your partner in responsible
everyday communication
edita’s year 2011