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CR reporting
Corporate Responsibility Report
covers the activities of the parent company,
Edita Plc, and its wholly-owned subsidiaries
in the financial year from January 1, 2011 to
December 31, 2011. Edita’s associate compa-
nies are included in the consolidated financial
statements, but Edita does not manage their
corporate responsibility issues.
We report on our corporate responsibil-
ity in our Annual Report each year. The pre-
vious cr Report, the first of its kind, was pub-
lished on June 9, 2011. Our reporting is based
on the cr program, established in 2010, which
takes the financial, social and environmental
impact of our business into account, as well
as bearing in mind all stakeholders interested
in the report. Edita’s corporate responsibil-
ity reporting complies with the cr report-
ing model for non-listed companies owned
by the Finnish State (Government Resolution
on Ownership Policy, November 3, 2011,
Appendix 3) as well as with the G3 guide-
lines issued by the Global Reporting Initiative
(gri), a sustainability reporting organization.
In the calculation of staff-related figures, we
have followed the general annual reporting
guidelines issued by the Finnish Accountancy
The report has not been verified.
According to our own assessment, our
reporting corresponds to the gri’s Application
Level C, which has also been checked by
PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy.
The Business section of this publication
provides information on the Group’s financial
performance, organization, ownership, gov-
ernance and companies, as well as changes
that occurred in 2011. This report and other
financial information are available at
For further information about Edita’s corporate
responsibility, please contact:
Annika Linna, Vice President, Communications,
tel. +358 20 450 2600.
In 2011, we invested in implementing our intranet, Plaza, and
increasing its utilization in group companies. Plaza is a cen-
tral forum for the Group’s internal dialog between compa-
nies located in several countries. Plaza unites Edita’s employees
across state and company borders.
Information meetings held by the management and develop-
ment discussions are key tools in the dialog between manage-
ment and staff. In 2011, 68 per cent of the Group’s staff had at
least one development discussion with their manager (2010:
59 per cent). This 10 per cent improvement is an achievement,
although we were far off the target of 95 per cent, set for 2011
in the previous year.
Once a year, we execute a Group-wide staff survey. In 2011,
77 per cent of our staff responded to the survey (2010: 74 per
cent). A total of 74 per cent of the respondents considered it
important for Edita to lead the way in social responsibility
and 85 per cent were of the opinion that setting an example in
environmental work is important.
In the rapidly changing communication sector, customer
expectations are also changing frequently. Ongoing dialog
with customers is part of the fundamental nature of our busi-
ness: group companies are involved in a daily dialog with cus-
tomers about their needs and expectations. In addition, most
of Edita’s group companies carry out annual customer surveys
in order to learn more about their customers’ expectations. In
its survey, Edita Prima has also inquired about its customers’
views on environmental work. Our goal is to include questions
that are directly related to corporate responsibility in customer
surveys of other group companies as well.
Our breakfast events, Edita Aamiainen in Finland and
Edita Education in Sweden, highlight topical phenomena
in the communication sector. Even though these events are
primarily intended to be tools for customer marketing, the
video interviews of speakers will be published after the event
on Facebook, where anyone can watch them and join the
Market research plays an important role in supporting cus-
tomer interaction. In Finland we utilize primarily research
information provided by the Finnish Association of Marketing
Communication Agencies and the Federation of the Finnish
Media Industry and in Sweden, information produced by the
Institute for Advertising and Media Statistics.
Our owner, the Finnish state, is represented as a member of
Edita’s Board of Directors. Furthermore, the owner regularly
receives information about our business in the form of various
financial reports.
Other stakeholders
Our aim is to offer all our stakeholders the information they
need by having websites in both Finnish
) and in
) as well as in English. In addition, we pro-
vide information about important business events directly
to our stakeholders. In 2012, we will revamp our websites in
order to better serve our stakeholders’ information needs. One
of the key goals is to emphasize issues related to cr. In 2011,
Edita sold products and services to its customers and other
stakeholders for a total of eur 107.6 million (eur 110.9 mil-
lion) and spent eur 50.4 million (eur 50.7 million) on buy-
ing goods and services from suppliers. The total financial bene-
fit generated by Edita for its stakeholders was eur 54.6 million
(eur 55.9 million), of which most, eur 48.8 million (eur 50.3
million), was distributed to the staff as salaries, pensions and
social costs.
corporate respons i b i l i ty
edita’s year 2011