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corporate responsibility
(cr) at
Edita is managed by the ceo. The Group
Communications Director is responsible for
the development of corporate responsibil-
ity, related communications and reporting,
together with a cri (Corporate Responsibility
Initiative) core team of representatives from
Finance, Group hr, and the Nordic environ-
mental responsibility working group. The
Communications Director reports to Edita’s
ceo and the Group Management Team
regarding the activities of the core team.
Our cr agenda is set according to
acknowledged policies and guidelines. We
comply with the principles of internationally-
recognized standards, such as the un Global
Compact and the iso 14001 environmental
management standard. Our reporting also
complies with the cr reporting recommen-
dations established in 2011 for companies
owned by the Finnish state. In late 2011, we
prepared a draft Code of Conduct for the
Group’s Board of Directors. The Board will
discuss the Code of Conduct in spring 2012.
Edita’s values – renewal, respect and respon-
sibility – guide our operations in relation to
our operating environment and stakeholders
at all levels of the Group. Renewal of busi-
ness and procedures is crucial for us as we
operate in the rapidly changing communica-
tion sector.
Respect refers first and foremost to
respect for our colleagues’ dignity, work
and competence as well as for our custom-
ers, partners and other stakeholders. The
ultimate goal of Edita’s Board of Directors,
the Board Committees and the Group
Management Team is to operate our business
in a responsible way. We comply with legal
requirements and are open and transparent
when communicating about our business.
In group governance and reporting, Edita
pursues integrity, transparency and account-
ability. For instance, we are open about the
bases of compensation for the ceo and cor-
porate executives.
Audits and controls carried out by exter-
nal parties help to create openness. Edita’s
production companies publish environmen-
tal reports annually and prepare reports for
authorities, too. We voluntarily participate
in several environmental programs involv-
ing reporting to third parties. This includes
the iso 14001 environmental management
system, the Nordic Ecolabel, establishing cli-
mate neutrality, and the wwf’s Green Office
program. These third parties also review our
environmental calculations.
Our goal is for integrity, transparency and
accountability to be reflected in cooperation
with our stakeholders. We expect our part-
ners to operate their business responsibly.
corporate respons i b i l i ty
edita’s year 2011