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the brisk digitalisation
of communications contin-
ued in 2011. At the same time, the operating environment
remained challenging – the growth of demand for communi-
cations services was weak, which kept price competition stiff.
In order to preserve the profitability and competitiveness of
the Group, we restructured our business operations, which
required us to reduce the number of Edita Group personnel
from 1,007 to 846 in 2011.
The most important reason for the restructuring was the
transfer of communications to digital channels, which on the
one hand reduces the demand for printed products and on
the other hand changes the type of competence required from
personnel. The personnel of Finnish Edita Prima, which spe-
cialises in print media and direct marketing, was reduced by
nearly 100 people in 2011. This is in line with the general
trend in Finland and Sweden.
The restructuring of business operations and associated
reductions in personnel are carried out responsibly at the Edita
Group. We treat those who have been terminated with respect
and support their outplacement according to local legisla-
tion . Special attention is paid to maintaining good motivation
for work in those companies where we have had to resort to
reductions in personnel.
Of the overall Group personnel, the proportion of employ-
ees working in Sweden grew to 52 percent (447 people). The
proportion of those working in Finland is 43 percent (360
people). The remaining five percent (38 people) work in
Ukraine and India.
An attractive place to work
Edita’s HR strategy remained unchanged in 2011; we aim
toward the vision of an attractive place to work by focusing
on our employees’ competence, commitment and wellbeing.
The work of hr is guided by the values of the Group: renewal,
respect and responsibility.
The personnel survey conducted every year in March-April
provides important information about the areas for develop-
ment in hr for the coming year. The survey is conducted in all
fully-owned Group companies. In 2011 the survey was sent
to 784 employees, of which 606 responded. The response rate
thus increased to 77 percent (2010: 74%). We just slightly
missed our goal of 80 percent. In Sweden the response rate
Our employees’ competence, commitment and well-being are vital to our
success. Our goal is to ensure that all of our employees are doing well
and that the Edita Group is an attractive place to work.
s oc i a l r e s pon s i b i l i t y
People are our most
important asset
edita’s year 2011