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E n v i ronm e n ta l r e s pon s i b i l i t y
A Nordic pioneer
in the industry
We recognize that our operations, products and services place a strain on
the environment in several ways. We minimize that environmental impact by
adopting a systematic approach and aiming for improvement.
edita is a pioneer
in terms of environmental efforts in
the communications industry in the Nordic region. Our broad
perspective on the measurable environmental impact of our
business is the result of long-running, systematic work that
was initiated in this area in the early 1990s. In Edita’s produc-
tion activities, the main causes of environmental impact are
materials, energy, waste, and emissions. Most of the environ-
mental impact in our offices is related to energy consumption,
paper usage, and carbon-dioxide emissions caused by trave-
ling. From the perspective of environmental responsibility,
Edita’s most significant purchases are those related to the paper
and electricity supply chain.
Green Edita
Our environmental work is carried out within the frame-
work of the Green Edita program. The goal of the program is
to reduce our environmental impact and enable our custom-
ers to reduce theirs as well. This includes sustainable products
and services, sustainable operations, and environmental aware-
ness. The most significant accomplishments in 2011 were
Edita Publishing’s certification as a climate-neutral enterprise
and the wwf ’s Green Office certificate granted to Edita’s
Our long-term environmental goals are challenging. By
All our companies will be climate-neutral enterprises
verified by Respect Europe.
All our printing companies will be iso 14001-certified and
All our office units will fulfill the wwf ’s Green Office
We will use green electricity in all production and office
Edita’s carbon footprint will be 30 percent smaller than in
More than 90 percent of our staff will consider it important
for Edita to be a leading company in environmental work.
Sustainable products and services
We want to be the preferred partner of those customers who
consider environmental values as a top priority in their opera-
tions. We enable our customers to reduce their environmental
edita’s year 2011