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edita is
a member of several business
and communications industry-related
associations in Finland and Sweden.
The main ones in Finland are the Finn-
ish Association of Marketing Commu-
nications Agencies, the Federation of
the Finnish Media Industry, Finnmedia;
the Finnish Marketing Association; the
Finnish Book Publishers Association; the
Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce;
and Finpro. In Sweden, Edita is a mem-
ber of, among others, the Finnish-Swedish
Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish
Marketing Federation. In addition, the
group companies are members of several
local industry-related associations.
In Finland, Edita is a member of
Finnish Business & Society (fibs). fibs
is an enterprise network that promotes
financially, socially and ecologically sus-
tainable business.
Edita Sweden has been a participant
in the un Global Compact since 2009,
a strategic policy initiative for businesses
that are committed to aligning their
operations and strategies with 10 uni-
versally accepted principles in the areas
of human rights, labor law, the environ-
ment and anti-corruption.
Edita Prima Oy is a member of the
Environmental Register of Packaging
(pyr), a Finnish non-profit organiza-
tion that cooperates with producer
organizations in the packaging
helps companies to comply with
packaging recycling obligations. Edita
Västra Aros is a member of the corre-
sponding Swedish organization, repa.
repa in turn is a member of the packing
and newspaper recovery organization fti
(Förpacknings- och tidningssamlingen).
Climate-neutral business
Five out of Edita’s seven group compa-
nies are climate-neutral. Edita Publishing
Oy became climate-neutral in 2011, and
Citat ab, Edita Prima Oy and jg Commu-
nication ab in 2010. Edita Västra Aros
ab has been climate-neutral since 2009.
These companies have reduced the car-
bon-dioxide emissions generated by
their operations and compensated for
the remaining emissions by funding un-
supervised clean development mecha-
nism projects in India. The certification
was carried out by the sustainable devel-
opment consultancy Respect Europe.
Green offices
Edita’s headquarters, housing the offices
of Edita Plc and Edita Prima, was granted
a Green Office certificate by the wwf in
2011. Edita Publishing acquired this cer-
tificate in 2010. Other group companies
are also pursuing this certification.
Nordic Ecolabel
Edita’s main production plants, Edita
Prima in Helsinki and Edita Västra
Aros in Västerås, are entitled to use the
Nordic Ecolabel. At these production
plants, environmental impact has been
considered throughout the production
chain: forest management, pulp and
paper manufacturing, printing and waste
management. Both the materials and the
production processes must comply with
the Nordic Ecolabel criteria.
In 2010, Edita acquired two
Swedish companies, Rolge ab and
Kampanjfabriken ab, both of which
operate in the printing industry. The
companies were merged into Edita
Västra Aros in 2011 and moved into
joint premises in Stockholm in the latter
half of 2011. The goal for this new pro-
duction plant is to acquire the right to
use the Nordic Ecolabel in 2012.
Standard for environmental
Edita’s main production plants are certi-
fied in accordance with iso 14001 stand-
ard for environmental management. The
Stockholm production plant of Edita
Västra Aros will be certified in accord-
ance with iso 14001 standard in 2013.
Forest certification
Edita’s main production plants have cer-
tified their systems for monitoring the
origin of the wood fiber used in their
paper in accordance with international
standards from the Forest Stewardship
Council (fsc) and the Programme for
the Endorsement of Forest Certification
Schemes (pefc). These printing compa-
nies are thus also entitled to use these
labels, indicating that the wood fiber
used in their paper originates from a
forest that is managed in a socially, eco-
logically and economically responsible
We operate in a sustainable way that complies with generally accepted
commercial and ethical standards for business. Our performance in these
areas has been recognized with a number of certificates and memberships.
M e m b e r s h i p s and c e rt i f i c at e s
Recognizing our
edita’s year 2011