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in 2008
, we created a strategy for Edita and called it Rocket.
Rocket’s task was to propel Edita profitably into 2011. By
then, Edita would be a Nordic group, offering a wide variety of
multi-channel communication services. Utilization of multiple
channels was a key issue. In 2008, 60 percent of the consoli-
dated net revenue of the Group companies came from printed
communications. It was clear that, in the near future, the focus
of demand would shift to digital and multi-channel communi-
cations services.
Now Rocket has carried us to our destination – ahead
of time. However, in 2008 no-one was able to predict how
quickly communications would become digitalized. The past
few years have been characterized by the need to constantly
accelerate the transformation. Economic recession has driven
digitalization in many organizations.
The shift in business focus to digital and multi-channel
communications has required major structural changes in our
Group companies. While operations with declining profitabil-
ity have been trimmed, services with increasing demand have
been strengthened and new services have been launched. An
indication of the significance of this transformation is that, in
2011, multi-channel communications services made up two
thirds of our net revenue, while at the end of 2008 they repre-
sented less than half of the net revenue. In some of our Group
companies, the share of digital communications of the service
offering is nearly 100 percent.
The change will go on
It seems that change has become the normal state of affairs in
the communication industry. The point is no longer arriving
at a destination but traveling the right way, in the right direc-
tion. After three years aboard our Rocket, Edita is a leading
industry player in the Nordic countries. We have two equally
strong home markets, Finland and Sweden, with solid com-
petence in rapidly changing multi-channel communications
at the core of our services. The essential factor is the ability
to serve customers by providing them with new innovative
solutions. Edita’s metamorphosis and increasing reputation
form the foundation for carrying out constant transformation
more profitably.
Rocket turned into Evolution 2015 in autumn 2011 when
we assessed Edita’s business strategy together with a manage-
ment consulting agency. This showed that the transformation
strategy we chose in 2008 had been the right move and that
we should follow the same path for the next three years as
well. However, markets continue to change, so strategic solu-
tions need to be constantly subjected to critical assessment.
The Group’s role as the builder and manager of a strate-
gic communications portfolio has become stronger. In 2011,
we strengthened our subsidiaries operating in various seg-
ments of the communications market, both by executing cor-
porate restructuring and by investing in the development of
their service offering and staff. In 2012, we will continue to
invest in sales development, networking with other industry
players and strengthening the role of creative and consulting
services in Group companies. In addition, it is increasingly
important to strengthen the Group’s image and reputation in
It seems that change has become the normal state of affairs in the communication
sector. Edita’s metamorphosis to become the leading Nordic communications
group during 2008-2011 form a solid foundation for carrying out constant
transformation in our business even more profitably.
s t r at e gy
t h e c e o ' s r e v i e w
Evolution 2015
Timo Lepistö
edita’s year 2011