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in 2011,
The Print & Distribution business area comprised
Edita Prima Oy in Finland, and Edita Västra Aros ab and the
associate company Edita Bobergs ab in Sweden. The busi-
ness area’s net revenue was eur 59.3 million (eur 64.1 mil-
lion). The decline of the printing markets and the continua-
tion of the fierce competition on price brought net revenue
down in Finland. Net revenue improved in Sweden, owing
to the strengthening of the Swedish krona. If the strengthen-
ing of the krona is disregarded, the net revenue was at the level
of the previous year. The business area’s operating profit was
eur 1.5 million (eur 0.3 million). Business was developed by
offering new electronic services and by increasing the digital
direct marketing offering. Even though the result was weak-
ened by the costs of the adjustment measures, both Finland
and Sweden achieved a positive result. In Finland, the result
was improved by one-time sales gains from the restructuring of
business operations.
In 2011, the profound transformation of the graphics
industry market continued. Demand for traditional printing
kept decreasing and due to tough price competition, printing
houses were forced to continue adjusting their cost and pro-
duction structures.
More effective communication
Customers need to change the way their communications are
executed, which can be seen in the desire to reduce communi-
cations costs on the one hand, and to improve the effectiveness
of communications, on the other. At the same time as demand
for individual printed products declines, demand for com-
prehensive, communication-enhancing solutions increases.
Customers are seeking communications services that are easy,
manageable and efficient. Application development and data-
base solutions have gained an increasingly important role in
the service offering of the business area.
The change in the communications industry is a great
opportunity, too, as database solutions help customers to cre-
ate a sound channel strategy and to develop their communi-
cations in an efficient and modern direction. In addition, one
of the strengths of the business area is its Nordic service offer-
ing: thanks to benefits derived by concentrating business to
one service provider, our large Nordic customers can further
enhance efficiency of their operations.
Edita Prima
Edita Prima, operating in Helsinki, Finland is a leading
graphic communications service provider in the Nordic coun-
tries. It is a pioneer in material and data management service
solutions and variable data production. The three main sec-
tors of the company’s comprehensive services are data man-
agement, including design and layout services, production,
including the production of printed and electronic products
and their distribution to different channels, and material man-
agement, including storage and logistics.
Edita Prima’s services are used by companies in banking,
insurance, the service sector and trade as well as by public
administration organizations. In 2011, Edita Prima developed
its sales operations intensively and implemented a new cus-
tomer strategy. The company also established significant new
customer relationships and developed new services, including
the browser-based eGate service. As a reaction to the declining
bu s i n e s s
p r i n t & d i s t r i b u t i o n
Change is a great
The change in communications sector is a great opportunity, too, for us.
Our database solutions help customers to create a sound channel strategy
and to develop their communications. In addition, one of the strengths of
the business area is its Nordic service offering.
edita’s year 2011