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in 2011
, our principal aid projects were in the same fields as
in 2010: the protection of the Baltic Sea, the development of
children’s education, and use of renewable energy in India.
We promote the protection of the Baltic Sea by supporting
the John Nurminen Foundation, which works for its environ-
mental well-being. The Baltic Sea is a natural choice because
our business operations are located mainly in Finland and
Sweden. The Baltic Sea is an integral part of the national iden-
tity of both countries, and its well-being is important to each
Edita employee in Finland and Sweden. We have provided
the Foundation with printed materials free of charge and have
promoted its projects through our communication channels.
In India, we support Plan Finland’s model school project.
Its aim is to create models for a child-friendly school in order
to provide all children, including girls, with an equal oppor-
tunity to benefit from high-quality education. In addition,
we also support un-supervised clean development mecha-
nism projects in India, as a way to compensate for our carbon-
dioxide emissions. India is a natural choice for us because our
Swedish associate company BrandSystems has operations in
We also support research carried out by the Swedish Cancer
Society and Edita Prima supports the Finnish Paralympics
In 2011, Edita aided charitable organizations with eur
119,000, both as cash donations and by providing products
and services at no charge. In 2010 the corresponding amount
was eur 128,000 and in 2009 it was eur 98,000.
S oc i a l r e s pon s i b i l i t y
Support for sustainable
We support sustainable development projects that align with our values
– renewal, respect and responsibility – and that have a natural link
with our business operations.
edita’s year 2011